Saturday, April 30, 2005

It was 30 years ago today...

...and some 57,000 dead American soldiers later, that the U.S. was finally defeated in Vietnam. As Lew Rockwell reminds us, "But there is no memorial with the names of the three million Vietnamese dead. Few Americans know or care about them, except perhaps those who still think the whole place should have been bombed back into the Stone Age, in the words of the mass-murdering conservative Curtis LeMay, and want to do the same to the Arab world. But as we work to hinder that, we should remember all the dead, including the Vietnamese farmers and their wives and children who are still blown up every day by some of the millions of U.S. landmines. Like the crop-poison Agent Orange, they represent a continued U.S. presence."

Justin Raimondo has written a powerful piece marking today's anniversary. You can find it here.


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