Monday, May 02, 2005

Launching a new Antiwar League

As we approach Memorial Day 2005, Doug Fuda has announced the creation of a new Antiwar League, designed to unite Left and Right against the War Party and its “perpetual war for perpetual peace.” Sam Konkin and I both promoted this kind of joint Left-Right antiwar coalition back in the mid-’90s, when Clinton began his Bosnia campaign (Sam through the Movement of the Libertarian Left and Karl Hess Club, me through the old print version of out of step). Sam and I had little success, but Doug seems to be generating some interest, and I encourage you to take a look at his website. He’s also launched a discussion list to help build this vital alliance.

Here’s Doug’s preliminary sketch for the Antiwar League platform:

Antiwar, Antistate Platform

  1. The “war on terror” is a fantasy war, a totalitarian construct that clearly illustrates that “war is the health of the state.” Iraq is not a diversion from the War on Terror. Iraq is the War on Terror.
  2. We propose not just to end the Iraq occupation but to bring home all U.S. troops, close foreign military bases and shutdown the War on Terror. The U.S. government must not go abroad in search of enemies.
  3. We view the Iraq war as a war crime and a premeditated war of aggression — not just a mistake or an act of crazy leaders. Therefore George Bush and his closest advisors must be investigated and tried for war crimes.
  4. Secrecy and the “national security state” must be abolished. Close the CIA and all “intelligence/spy” agencies. Declassify everything and open the books on the decades long crimes of the empire.
  5. The central U.S. government must be disarmed. Scrap nuclear weapons and all offensive weapons.
  6. Technology and warfare must be uncoupled. The U.S. government must not use tax dollars to promote the development of new means of warfare and killing in alliance with giant corporations. End the military/industrial/scientific complex forever. For example, close DARPA.
  7. All military aid to Israel and Egypt must be cancelled.
  8. September 11 and the events leading up to it must be fully investigated.
  9. The right of the people to keep and bear arms must not be infringed. Self defense is legitimate. Empire and wars of aggression are not.


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