Monday, October 24, 2005

Left Libertarianism in a nutshell

“Could you summarize, in a nutshell, the meaning of a ‘left libertarian’?” someone asked me last week. He was requesting a PDF of Samuel Edward Konkin III’s pamphlet War or Liberty: The Real Choice. “I’m not quite sure I get the distinction,” he continued. “We (all libertarians) are all for liberty and against the state, aren’t we? We all merely want the ability to fully control our own life, right? How do ‘left libertarians’ differ from ‘right libertarians’?”

It became clear suddenly that the next classic SEK3 pamphlet that I needed to reissue was Introducing the Movement of the Libertarian Left. This pamphlet, first published about two decades ago, may be as close as we’ll ever get to Left Libertarianism “in a nutshell.”

Struggling for a Libertarian Left externally, we fight for radicalization of the libertarian movement internally. ... [W]e work to create a libertarian-influenced Left and a Libertarian left-wing; thus we are the Movement of the Libertarian Left.

I’ve minimally updated, edited, and redesigned Sam’s original Introducing the Movement of the Libertarian Left. And it’s now available from me free by request as a print-on-demand PDF file. As before, you can simply open the file with Adobe Reader, print double-sided as many copies of the pamphlet as you want, fold them into tri-fold brochures, then distribute. The pamphlet is black and white to keep your printing and photocopying costs as low as possible. But it looks great when printed on a colored paper stock. On the back panel, there’s space for your rubberstamp or a sticky label so those interested in further info can find you.

I received a lot of requests for the anti-war pamphlet PDF (which, of course, is still available). Introducing the Movement of the Libertarian Left is now likewise available by e-mailing me at Please indicate specifically which pamphlet (or pamphlets) you want.
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