Saturday, October 15, 2005

MLL pamphlet: "War or Liberty"

Since we’re working to build a new, vibrant Left Libertarian movement, I figured somebody should do it. It might as well be me.

This week, I’ve begun to reissue the long-out-of-print Movement of the Libertarian Left pamphlet series. Old comrades of Samuel Edward Konkin III will recall these great political broadsides, which Sam wrote and published intermittently in the 1980s during sudden bursts of energy. Without warning, you’d find a new MLL pamphlet in your mailbox, or at a libertarian supper club, or on a chair at a Bob LeFevre lecture. Each tackled a single issue — like taxation, nukes, revisionist history, inflation and depression, Counter-Economics, state education, non-voting — and they were terrific tools for political outreach to both collectivist Leftists and disgruntled Libertarian Party members.

During this unending “war on terror,” what the MLL needs right now is a hard-hitting piece of anti-war agitprop. So the first SEK3 pamphlet I’m making newly available is War or Liberty: The Real Choice. “War is the health of the State,” as our Left Libertarian granddaddy Randolph Bourne said. This leaflet soundly underscores Bourne’s dictum.

War or Liberty: The Real Choice — minimally updated and edited — is now a handy, print-on-demand PDF file, which I’ll send you on request. Your cost: nothing. You can easily open the file with Adobe Reader (a free download), print it double-sided, fold twice, and voila! you’ve got a nice tri-fold MLL pamphlet. The pamphlet is black and white to keep printing and photocopying costs low, but it’ll look nice on a colored paper stock. So next time you’re heading out to your local coffee house, or the nearest anti-war march, arm yourself with copies of War or Liberty and spread the Left Libertarian word.

At the moment, you can only get this PDF pamphlet from me by request. Just e-mail me at I’m hoping you’ll in turn pass the file on to others, or even make a download of it available on your own website. Do your own thing. Use it any way you want. I just hope everyone finds this pamphlet useful.

As Sam once wrote: “Isn’t this the way a Resistance should be run?”
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At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Since we’re working to build a new, vibrant Left Libertarian movement"

Agorist International ??


At 8:27 AM, Blogger Don Bangert said...

This is an excellent idea. It's one that I've had, too. There should be a repository on the net for various libertarian works, formatted into pamphlets, that anyone can download and distribute.


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