Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Great Moments in MLL History #1

I think it’s imperative that Libertarian Leftists be fully grounded in the history of This Movement of Ours. So thanks, Wendy McElroy, for sharing a Great Moment in MLL History this past weekend. Here’s the story Wendy disclosed on her blog Saturday about the cover of this classic 1981 issue of New Libertarian:

“During a party thrown by New Libertarian publisher/editor Sam E. Konkin III (or SEK3 as he preferred to be known), he rounded up four of the female celebrants in order to solve a problem. What to put on the next cover of NL? Frankly, I think it was a set up because it took SEK3 about 5 seconds to come up with the cover title ‘Murray’s Angels’ — referring to Murray Rothbard (tho’ only Janice Allen in front and I were actual Rothbardians) — and by the time he had done so firearms had also materialized. We rushed out into the outside corridor in front of the AnarchoVillage, a Long Beach apartment building in which most of the local anarchists who formed SEK3’s circle lived. Vic Koman (then a resident) took the picture while SEK3 exhorted us to ‘think of the State!’ in order to get mean, determined expressions on our faces. When we turned around to go back to the party through a door behind and to the left of us, we saw the entire gathering out in the corridor, watching intently. Of course, almost all of them were male. Good party.”

Incidentally, Wendy’s the one on the far left, with dark brown hair.

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At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That cover brings to mind the first time I saw Wendy, back in '78 (I think) at some conference in Austin which Jeffrey Hummel helped put together.

Wendy was wearing this slinky little backless blue/black jumpsuit that made me forget pretty much everything else that happened that day.

Oh, well...


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