Saturday, April 08, 2006

KoPubCo: a great Left Libertarian resource

Victor Koman, who has more history with the Movement of the Libertarian Left than almost anyone else I know, sent me a nice congratulatory note this past week for my winning the first annual Chauntecleer Award. He says he's now working on a play based on his novel Solomon's Knife, which should be very interesting...and very controversial.

Most important, though, is that Vic's publishing house, KoPubCo, is back in full force. Having been responsible for practically the entire line of New Libertarian publications for a period of some 20 years, Vic offers almost every back issue of every MLL publication there ever was, some original issues and plenty of high-quality photocopies: Laissez Faire! (1970), NYU Libertarian Notes (1971), New Libertarian Notes (1971-75), New Libertarian Weekly (1976-77), New Libertarian (1978-90), Strategy of the New Libertarian Alliance (1981-83), New Libertarian Notes & Calendar (1985-87), New Libertarian: The Newsletter (1988-90), and the one and only issue of The Agorist Quarterly (1995). KoPubCo is a terrific resource for any MLLer interested in the history and ideas behind This Movement of Ours.

And here's the very best news of all. Vic is preparing a 25th Anniversary Edition of Samuel Edward Konkin III's seminal New Libertarian Manifesto, which will include commentary by Murray N. Rothbard and Robert LeFevre. This is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of this month. Keep an eye out for it.


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