Sunday, June 11, 2006

A shift on the Left?

Author Jim Peron recently shared some thoughts with Wendy McElroy, which she has in turn shared with readers of her blog, on the subject of libertarians facing Left rather than Right:

... I find it fascinating that the Left today is starting to sound more and more like the Old Right. You still would have a hard time finding a better, more hard hitting libertarian speech than the one Gore gave about the imperial presidency. I was floored when he gave that. With just a few very minor problems it was excellent. If libertarians are serious about advancing liberty (which is an open question I think) they would discuss how to take advantage of this shift on the Left to recruit these people to liberty. If they are merely more extreme Republicans (and some are) they will dismiss these comments as meaningless, etc. I think the Left is seeing what the imperial presidency is like and maybe understanding the problem of centralizing power for your guys but find out that means you centralized it for the guys you don’t like as well. I think it is more than time for a major libertarian forum, somewhere, to discuss the shift in American politics and why libertarians ought to be spending more time talking to the Left and less time talking to the Right.

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At 4:37 AM, Blogger Warren Bluhm said...

"If libertarians are serious about advancing liberty (which is an open question I think)"

One decent speech does not a libertarian make. Al Gore's record in the Senate and as the No. 2 henchman in the Clinton regime makes "recruiting" him for the cause of liberty a long shot. More likely he's just making the sounds he thinks are most likely to put him in a position to be our next elected despot.

At 1:39 PM, Blogger jomama said...

How about talking to everyone instead of singling out some aspect of the current "political" religion?

Never met a pol that had a brain.


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