Sunday, December 02, 2007

Frank Miller's Joker still rules

Speaking of the Joker, which I was, my favorite interpretation of the character has always been that of Frank Miller, who killed off the homicidal monster in the middle of his epic The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel 21 years ago [see illustration]. Well, Miller's Joker is right now making a memorable and terrifying appearance in DC Comics' All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #8. This (undeservedly) much-maligned comic book series, written by Miller and illustrated by Jim Lee, is a kind of prequel to DKR (and a sequel to Miller's Batman: Year One). This eighth issue, friends, includes five pages that are what nightmares are made of. It literally breaks the rules of most superhero comics and shook me to my core. Batmaniacs, do not miss this.

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