Saturday, April 05, 2008

No privacy for politicians!

Should politicians be allowed to live their lives privately? No way, says Wendy McElroy. And how about the kids of politicos, like Chelsea Clinton? Writes Wendy on her blog earlier this week:

“The media has a long history of treating Chelsea with kid gloves, largely because of the aggressive insistence of her parents that they do so. And, when Chelsea was a child in the White House, such delicacy not only made sense but also constituted a rare case of good manners on the part of the media. But Chelsea is now an adult — 28-years-old, as I remember — and she is actively campaigning for her mother by touring campuses at which she invites questions. Perhaps the fact that the media still treats her with the delicacy of a child has made her expect special treatment, like not being asked hard questions. Indeed, Chelsea is notorious for not allowing any questions from journalists by not granting them any interviews. Why the press continues to cover (and sympathetically!) someone who de facto tells them to ‘go snog yourself’ is beyond me.”

Read Wendy’s full post right here.

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At 4:48 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Sorry to say, but that girl is scary.


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