Monday, July 30, 2007

How I survived Comic-Con 2007

I may be getting too old for Comic-Con. My friend Steve, too. But we had the time of our lives the past five days, shuffling the length of the San Diego Convention Center over and over with tens of thousands of other geeks at a pace somewhat slower than Spidey’s Aunt May crawling over broken glass. I saw Stan Lee promote his SciFi Channel series. I saw F. Paul Wilson, David Morrell, Cory Doctorow, Vernor Vinge, and George Romero. I saw Clive Owens market his new movie Shoot ’Em Up, which may feature the greatest gunplay sequences ever. Extra special treats were seeing J. Michael Straczynski, Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins, and Peter Woodward from Babylon 5 discuss their direct-to-DVD Lost Tales project; watching a wonderful panel made up of folks from CBS’s resurrected Jericho, who were understandably very appreciative of their fans; seeing the great Jeffrey Combs, who will forever be Herbert West to me; and sitting in on the world premieres of two upcoming direct-to-DVD animated movies, Bruce Timm’s Superman Doomsday, from Warner Bros. Home Video, and Doctor Strange, from Lionsgate and Marvel Studios. Big thanks to Lynn for introducing us to Peter Mayhew (you know, Chewbacca) and getting us VIP passes to see the Saturday night masquerade.

Steve and I both came home with treasures won in drawings. Steve won a fabulous, limited edition, 19-inch, 12-pound, collectible figure of Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett, which retails (when it’s available) for $325. Pretty damn cool. I, on the other hand, won a pair of men’s white cotton briefs with the Balls of Fury movie logo stenciled on the front, worth, oh, maybe three bucks.

More to come in the week ahead.

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