Tuesday, July 24, 2007

South Park Wally: off to Comic-Con 2007

As Cartman would say, the resemblance is friggin' uncanny. Create your own South Park image here. Hat tip to Brad Spangler.

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At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could barely tell it was a cartoon. Uncanny!!!

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your avatar's shirt. Your photo at TSC looks friendlier than your avatar.

I made a South Park character a while back. I also thought the resemblance was quite surprising, at least as a caricature.

I post the comment here, rather than TSC, 'cause I can link to my images here. Last I tried I couldn't in a comment at TSC. Have fun at Comic-Con 2007.

At 7:55 AM, Blogger Wally Conger said...

Tom, I was probably drunk when that photo on TSC was taken.


At 12:33 PM, Blogger Mike said...

I got mine up too, at my other site of course:


Brad has really started a fad, eh?

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